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Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting to know Steve && Brandi

I got this idea off of my friend Whitney’s page. I read some things about her that I never knew before, && it gave me something to do OTHER than work!!! So, I hope you enjoy getting to know Steve && I a little bit better!!

About Him…

  • 22 years old… YES DATING AN OLDER GIRL (: He will be 23 in November
  • Lives in Draper
  • Went to Riverton High School
  • Is Greek
  • LOVES his Dodge Truck && 2 door BMW
  • Isn’t a big fan of candy BUT loves Popcorn
  • Plays Baseball
  • LOVES the Lakers
  • Admits he is in love with Kobe Bryant
  • BIG fan of the 49ers && Steelers
  • Yankees Fan
  • Has a blue Banshee
  • Loves going to the Sand Dunes
  • Loves to go boating
  • Wakeboards
  • Just received his Associates from University of Phoenix, Now going for his Bachelor’s degree in Sales && Marketing
  • Entourage Fan
  • Doesn’t like chick flicks but will see them just because he knows his girlfriend loves them
  • Very family oriented
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Loves his girlfriend, Brandi

About Her…

  • 24 years old
  • Lives in Centerville
  • Went to Viewmont High School
  • Loves Cherry Coke
  • Could live on Chips && Salsa
  • BIG fan of shopping
  • Loves MAC Makeup
  • Doesn’t play sports, but likes to watch
  • LOVES my 10 year old Boxer, Tasha
  • Hates wearing shoes
  • Could live in Victoria’s Secret PINK pajamas FOREVER
  • Is pro at driving a stick shift WHILE texting (well not anymore, since that is against the law)
  • A fan of scary, bloody, gory movies
  • Terrified of Giraffes
  • Has seen every single FRIENDS episode, but still watches it every night at 6:00 && 6:30
  • ALWAYS has to have my nails done
  • Pretends to be on the phone while driving, just so I can jam out to the radio in my car