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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Christmas

I know it's been a while since I have posted anything, so I figured I would post a couple of pictures from Christmas!!

My family get's together every Christmas Eve night & Christmas day.  We usually have an AMAZING dinner then we sit around and play games and talk, then we have the little cousins act out the Mary and Joseph play while my grandpa reads the story about when baby Jesus was born.  This year, we couldn't do the play because my little cousins were fighting over who got to be Mary and who got to be the Angel & Joseph.  So we skipped the play this year and went straight to presents.  We always have so much fun at my family parties... we tried to play Catch Phrase, but had like half the family playing and people guessing questions for the other team.  The girls ended up winning!!!

On Christmas day I went to Steve's house, we opened up each others presents & then had dinner with his family.  Instead of buying each other a bunch of gifts, we decided we were going to go to Orlando or San Diego over Valentines Day this year.  So, we had a limit of $100 to spend on each other.  Of course we both went over our limit.  I bought Steve a jacket, t-shirt, the new Grand Theft Auto game for XBOX & the movie The Hangover.  I had begged Steve to buy me black Ugg boots... he kept telling me no because he thinks they are SO ugly.  So when I got to his house he had 1 small present for me and 1 big present.  I for sure thought the big present was my boots.  So I opened the small present and it was Skull Candy head phones for me to use while we were on vacation.  I opened the big present and it was a smaller box inside the big box... it was a Skull Candy IPOD dock... I was way excited because I needed a new dock for my IPOD but I really wanted UGG boots.  So I opened some more presents from Steve's parents & after I opened the presents, Steve was like "Hang on I have to go to the bathroom."  So like a minute later Steve walks out with one last present for me... I opened it and it was my BLACK UGG BOOTS!!!!  I was so excited and I can't wait to wear them.  YOU ARE THE BEST BOYFRIEND!!!

We talked his little sister Katelyn and her boyfriend Levi to play Monopoly with us.  Steve took last place, and I took first.  Although, Steve & Levi swear that I somehow cheated and didn't really win.  They are just poor losers and couldn't accept the fact that Katelyn and I beat BOTH of them!!