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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Taitym's baby blessing

On October 24th, 2010 we blessed baby Taitym!  My brother, Kyle holds the priesthood, so he was able to bless Taitym.  I have not been to my new ward since I moved to Riverton and I haven't gone to my parents ward in a couple of years, so I just decided to bless Taitym in my brothers home.  We just had to have his bishop present to confirm it happened.  I cried the whole time Kyle was talking, actually I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.  My brother is very spiritual and was worried about blessing Taitym, he didn't want it to be too much about the Church because Steve is Greek Orthodox and I haven't gone to church in a while but he said all the right things and it meant the world to me to have him  bless Taitym.  My brother and I haven't always seen eye to eye but he is someone I will always look up to.  He treats his wife, Kelli like she is the most amazing person in this world and the most important person in this world.  This sounds cheesy but he is honestly like the ideal husband type.  Everytime I see him and Kelli together you can just tell how much he loves her and adores her.  He wasn't the older protective brother, he was more like the secret protective brother.  He acted like he didn't like me while we were growing up, but I know he secretly loved me.   When he left on his mission, I thought it would be the best 2 years of my life, I would have the basement all to myself, I wouldn't be woken up by him and his loud friends and 2 in the morning, I would be able to have my own bathroom and not have to share it with him (he is like a girl and takes like an hour to get ready) but when he left, it was so much harder than I could have ever imagined.  As soon as we dropped him off at the MTC I cried that whole day.  I cried everytime I wrote him a letter, I cried everytime I recieved a letter.  He is honestly the best brother in the world and I love him so much!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve my whole family always gets together.. We went up to Steve's parents house first so I could open my presents from them and their presents to Taitym.  We jsut hung out with his family for a little bit and then went to my Grandma and Grandpas house.  We usually have all the small grandkids act out the Mary and Joseph scene with Baby Jesus, they get all dressed up and my grandpa reads the story.  This year my little cousins were at their mom's parents house so it was just the older kids this Christmas Eve.  We had amazing food and a lot of fun just spending time together!!
It was SO fun spending Christmas morning with my little family of 3.  Taitym got up around 6:00 AM so I made her a bottle, changed her diaper and layed her back in bed.  I was so tired and excited to sleep in BUT the little kid in Steve and I defiantly came out.  At about 7:30 Steve said "Can we go open presents now?" I had been waiting 2 hours for him to get up.  I was so excited to open presents.  I ran downstairs and sat infront of the tree.  Steve and I took turns opening our presents.  It was so nice to only have to wait for one person to open their present before I could open my next one.  In my family, my parents would make me wait for Kyle my mom and dad to open a present and then it was my turn again.  I swear they all would take their time taking off the wrapping paper and opening the dang box just to make me mad.  I swear it took each of them 5 minutes to open 1 present.  Steve defiantly surprised me with the cutest white Michael Kors watch, a new jewelry box, a iPod plugin for my car and new iPod (I have had 3 other ones, one of them I smashed in my car door, the other I lost and the other one was an iTouch and I hated it.)  I bought Steve a Kinect for his XBOX and 3 games to go with it, a Lakers hoodie with Bryant on the back and Kobe's # and some sweat pants to wear with his hoodie. Steve and I didn't really buy Taitym much this year, just because she is so little.  I did buy her a bunch of outfits the day after Thanksgiving but she is growing so fast that she had already worn them all before Christmas.  I talked Steve into buying her a Tickle Me Elmo and she absolutly loves it.  We also bought her a little play cell phone and a couple of other little toys.  After we were done opening presents, Steve went to his parents house and Taitym and I went to my parents house.  We opened up our presents with Kyle, Kelli and Camden.  My mom and dad spoiled Taitym and Camden.  They bought them both a pair of True Religion jeans.  They are seriously the best dressed kids in the world.  After we opened presents, we ate breakfast and took a nap.  Then we headed up to my grandma and grandpas house.  We opened up presents from Grandma and Grandpa and just hung out with my family.  I honestly have the coolest family in the world.  We always have so much fun together and I love hanging out with them.  My mom has 1 brother and 2 sisters, with all of their kids included we have 24 of us.  It's a big group but we all act like best friends!!
I can't wait until next Christmas... Taitym will be old enough to know how to open her own presents and actually want to play with her toys.  I have always wanted to be the mom that bakes cookies with her kids Christmas Eve night and puts out milk and cookies for Santa.  I can't wait to do that next year.