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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July weekend & Trip to the hospital!!

First off... I have to let everyone know that I have the cutest nephew ever!  Meet my nephew Camden Brown
Isn't he adorable???

Steve and I had a fun 4th of July weekend EXCEPT the trip to the labor and delivery room.  On Friday, July 2nd we met Kyle, Kelli, Camden, My mom and dad and Kelli's older sister Allison and her cute baby boy Grayson at Muller Park canyon for a BBQ.  We had YUMMY hot dogs and delicious smores.  Ever since I was little we have always had BBQ's and celebrated birthdays up Muller Park Canyon, but last year I had an incident with a big black spider going down my shirt and I have refused to go back since.  I figured I would give the canyon one more try and luckily I had no run-ins with big black spiders this time!
Steve had to work on the 3rd so I went out to my parents house and went to the Centerville Park (my favorite thing to do every year) with Kyle, Kelli, Camden and my parents!  We had a lot of fun seeing all our neighbors and eating delicious food!  Here is a picture of me and Cam on the 3rd of July at the park (this one is for you Laynie)  (:  

Well on Saturday morning I had really bad cramps and was just feeling awful.  I called my doctor and she told me to just take some Tylenol and drink lots of water and lay down.  So I did what she said to and it worked. Well Monday was considered a Holiday at my work so I had the day off.  Steve decided to go boating but I wasn't feeling very good so I didn't go.  Throughout the day I started to get really bad contractions so when Steve came home I called my doctor and she told me to go to Labor and Delivery.  So we headed to the hospital and they hooked me up to a machine so they could time the contractions and check the babies heart beat.  They gave me some pain medicine to help with the contractions and sent me home. They saw some white and red blood cells in my urine so they gave me an antibiotic to take for 10 days thinking that the medicine would kill the infection. They didn't really know what had caused me to have contractions but they had stopped so they thought I was okay!  Well all week I just was in pain and didn't feel good and was having other problems (I won't mention over the internet.) So Friday I called my doctor again and she had me come into her office and do a urine sample and just told me they would have results back by Monday.  I was in so much pain and uncomfortable that there was no way I could wait until Monday but my doctor said that was the soonest they could have results.  So I went through hell all day Friday and Saturday.  Well Saturday night I was in so much pain, so Steve told me to call the on call doctor.  I told her my symptoms and she told me to head back to the hospital.  Long story short, we spent the night in the hospital because I had kidney stones AGAIN and a bladder infection.  After many, many, many doses of pain medicine and getting antibiotics through and IV they finally sent us home on Sunday night!  The baby is fine and I am feeling much better!  It was a stressful week and weekend for Steve and I but we are doing good now.  

I just have to say how amazing Steve has been to me... He was so sweet to me in the hospital and did everything he could to make me feel better.  He slept on a tiny uncomfortable bed and got up in the middle of the night with me every time I needed help!  I love him so much and I don't know what I would do without him!!!