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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The New AND Improved.....

My friend Whitlee found a girl that would do our extensions for $35 a bag.  I have always wanted LONG hair but I have thin thin hair and it would take me years and years to grow it out SO I figured I would give the extensions a try!  I think the girl did a pretty good job considering how much she charged me.  I went to the girl who normally does my hair and had her add a few more extensions in and trim it up!  I defiantly feel more girly with long hair and I am LOVING it!  I will post another picture tonight of the front.  I haven't washed my hair since I got the extensions put in so I will wash it tonight and take a picture!  If you want the girls contact information who did my hair, let me know!  She lives out in Roy and was a really nice girl!  She just does them out of her house and charges $35 a bag.  She used 8 bags of hair on me and she used 9 bags of hair on my friend Whitlee.  If you tell her I refereed you, she will give you 25 dollars off!! 

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