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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something New

I have been waiting and waiting to pierce Taitym's ears.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I just kept think I would be a horrible mom if I caused pain to my baby that didn't need to be caused.  Every time we go to her check ups I end up crying every time they give her shots.  I always have to leave the room and as soon as I hear her cry I run in and grab her and we just cry together (: haha I know I am a baby!!  SO my mom and I went to lunch one day and I asked my mom if she would come with me to pierce Taitym's ears.  She said she would but she didn't want to take her to one of those piercing places in the mall, she wanted to take her somewhere nice.  So we went up to the Gem Smith in Bountiful.  I made my mom hold her while I walked outside of the store!  I heard her scream and figured that had to have been the first ear so I waited a second and then went inside.  My mom said she didn't really cry when he did the first one.  I think she was in shock that this nice man would hurt hurt but a few seconds later they did the other ear and then she started crying.  It was so sad... She couldn't catch her breath and just kept gasping for air.  I only felt bad for a second and then realized how freaking cute she looked with her new earrings!  She glared at my the whole way home but go over the pain after that.  She hasn't messed with them or pulled on them.  I honestly didn't think my baby could be any cuter but I defiantly think she looks even cuter with her little diamond earrings!!

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